Workshop Materials

When planning a strategy workshop, there are a number of things to prepare to facilitate a successful session. I made myself a planning guide, material list, and equipment list in order not to prepare from scratch every time. I thought this information could benefit you, too.

See below for downloadable and printable shopping and preparation lists.

Planning Guide


14-Step Strategy Workshop Planning Guide

Planning for a strategy workshop can be daunting. However with this 14-step checklist, you'll set yourself up for success. Download the printable checklist using the "download" button and read the accompanying detailed planning article here.

Material List


Flip Charts

Flip charts are great to capture key points of what's said in strategy workshops. I like to have 2 or 3 flip charts in the room and stick them visibly on the walls using tape or blue-tack.


Have a couple of rolls of tape handy such as masking tape or scotch tape to stick the flip charts on the walls.


The sticky alternative to tape is Blu-Tack. Works wonders on most surfaces and keeps flip charts in plain view.

Sticky Notes

The facilitator's secret weapon! Bring lots of sticky notes in different sizes and colors. Great for brainstorming. Square, medium sized notes work best (3x3 in or 10x10 cm).



Blue, black, red, green are the classics. Pack medium to thick permanent markers for flip charts and erasable markers for white boards. Fine markers work best for post-it notes.


What is there to say? Always have a pair. Or two.


Blank Paper

I've always found it useful to have a stack of blank copy or writing paper available for breakout sessions and creative work. A4/letter size.

Other Materials

Other useful materials may include colorful sticky dots, cue cards, and a set of juggling balls for ice breaker games...

Click here to download this material list as printable shopping or preparation list >>>

Equipment List


Projector / LCD Screen

Having a projector or LCD screen in the workshop venue allows for on-screen presentations or information sharing. If you are renting an offsite meeting room, check with the venue whether they one available. 


Computer / Notebook

Even if I like facilitating using flip charts, sticky notes, and markers, it's good to have a notebook in the room for on-screen presentations or file-sharing.


Extension Cords

Just to make sure you have power where you need it. Your participants will thank you for it! Check with the venue if they have any.


Adapter Cables / Connectors

Don't you just hate it when you cannot connect to the projector because you don't have VGA, HDMI, etc.? Make sure you have the right adapter just in case.


Flip Chart Stands

Plan for having at least 2 flip chart stands in your meeting room. That way you can use them for facilitation in the big group and in breakouts.

Click here to download this equipment list as printable shopping or preparation list >>>